Meet Katy Frewen-Lord our latest Committee member

Katy Frewen-LordKaty is the newest member to the ACVC committee for 2015.

Her first involvement with the competition however was around six years ago when she was a competitor in the Open Section, performing Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major.

How did you become involved in ACVC?
Growing up in Townsville I had always been aware of the competition, but it wasn’t until I had moved to Brisbane to study music that I actually entered it.

Why didn’t you enter the competition until you had moved away?
Since the section I entered requires the performance of an entire concerto, it wasn’t until part way through my Bachelor of Music that I was competent enough to achieve such a task. The task itself was also one of the main draw cards for me though – it is not often that a performer has the opportunity to perform an entire concerto in public.

Is that why you entered – for the performance opportunity?
Primarily, yes. It takes hours and hours of work to prepare a 15-20 minute concerto. Not to mention the stamina to play (in my case bassoon) non-stop with adrenaline and nerves fighting against you. To be able to have an achievement like that under your belt is no mean feat, and a great stepping stone to becoming a performer.

The second reason I entered was for the feedback. Every year world renowned adjudicators provide detailed feedback to each performer. Having the attention of someone so esteemed and receiving their written feedback is worth its weight in gold!

So now you are on the committee, what does that mean?
Aside from involvement in committee meetings, my role during the competition is “Assistant Production Manager”. My understanding of this in a nutshell is: make sure everyone and everything is in the right place and at the right time. Always. I’m looking forward to it!