Sponsors and Supporters

Without our dedicated sponsors past and present we would not have such a long history of encouraging and engaging with emerging artists from near and far. We would like to acknowledge the ongoing contributions of all our sponsors and supporters, specifically the support of the James Cook University, a major sponsor since 1992 and major sponsor the Townsville City Council. We also welcome the sponsorship of Theme & Variations Piano Services, Brisbane & Sydney who provide us with Steinway pianos for the entire duration of the Competition.

In 2008 for the first time an additional prize for the winner of the Open Section, an additional performance opportunity was awarded. This award, the John Hopkins Performance Fellowship Award, has been dedicated to Professor Hopkins for the wonderful contribution he has made to North Queensland.

In 2012 we premiered a special work commissioned by ACVC ‘Concerto for Young Pianist’ by Larry Sitsky. This work has been dedicated to us with sole publishing rights. The support of young musicians being a serious objective of the competition, we sought to encourage young pianists in ensemble playing, something which is more easily accessed by orchestral musicians. An additional award was sponsored for young musicians by Mrs Dinie Gaemers, Youth Development Award. This award was supported by the Australian Festival of Chamber Music and Arties Music.

We also have a strong partnership with our community orchestra, the Barrier Reef Orchestra, with our open winners being soloists in their concert series each year since its establishment in 2000.

We would also like to thank the teachers and accompanists of all participants for their dedication and hard work, and the participants themselves for making each year an exciting and memorable event.

There are many ways you can support the Competition, from sponsoring an award category to volunteering during the competition.
To find out more about how you may be involved please contact  Cris Dall’Osto
+61 7 4771 2419


We acknowledge the significant donations made by the following valued supporters:

Dr Kerry Gillespie
Mrs Dinie Gaemers


Sponsors & Partners