Raffle 2021

Townsville artist, Anne Lord, has provided Water Willow – Survivor as the prize for  ACVC’s 40th Anniversary Raffle.
About Water Willow – Survivor Anne says:

“In 2003 I went out to the property in north west Qld where I grew up and did a series of drawings of the native or indigenous[1] trees along the creeks. The Water Willow – Survivor is an Australian three, and one of those drawings made into a Fine Art print or Lithograph. I took the metal lithography plate out to draw onto directly like a plein air drawing or painting, as the details could not be remembered or referenced from any photograph. This meant that the drawing was directly influenced by the environment.At that stage it was hot and dry. I took water, grained metal plate and drawing materials with me to accomplish this work. Each drawing was done at the same time of day say from 9:00 to 10:00 am., over a few days at least.

The area was in drought. The trees along the creeks are hundreds of years old and to see a young native tree emerge on the creek bank is a delight. I called the series Survivor Trees because that is what these trees local to the region do. I love the way they make shade in a place where there is little shade.”

Tickets will be available for sale at all competition sessions.
The winning ticket will be drawn at the Instrumental Gala Concert on Tuesday, 20th July.